Sunday, February 22, 2009

Medicinal Power and Uses of Spinach

Indigenous medicine is always guided by seasonal behaviour, as it regulates the three forces in the body. We have started the hot season, and many suffer with skin eruptions and cracked skin in the soles of our feet. Some even suffer from sore mouths.

During this season we must avoid 'heaty' food and eat more cooling vegetables and those which contain a higher percentage of water.

Spinach is one such vegetable which gives energy and strength. Spinach has come to us from the Middle East. It was grown in the 11th century in Spain, and in the 15th century in France. It is rich in protein; it helps digestion and is a stimulant of all secretions of the stomach, the liver, and the pancreas.

Medicinal Power of Spinach
It is also very rich in minerals. Most people know that it contains a lot of iron, but according to scientific experiments, it also contains phosphorous iodine and many other elements essential to keep the system in good shape. Spinach can be recommended for children, adolescents, con valescents, anaemics, and all chronic invalids. It is called "Snigdhpatra" or "Gramini" in Sanskrit and its botanical name is Basella Alba.

There are creepers with a red stem and a green stem. It also grows as a shrub. The shrubs are known as "Upodaki or Galodaki". All these varieties have the same type of curative value.

In Ayurvedic books it is said that spinach is cooling, suppresses the Rakta and Pitta imbalance. It is a good laxative. It helps to enrich your complexion. This herb helps to reduce the suppression of urine.

In the old texts on Ayurveda, spinach is mentioned as "Sukkra Janaka" which means that it is an aphrodisiac. Spinach is one of the basic medicines given for insomnia and insanity.

Eat more and more spinach if you need good rest in the night. Spinach leaves are bandaged on to the forehead for severe headaches. It is used as a poultiee for l!lcers. Niviti is a good remedy for eczema, and can be applied on the skin.

In old Ayurvedic books, it is mentioned that niviti improves eyesight. It can be used as an infant food to cure worms. It is an accepted remedy for anaemic invalids as it improves the blood circulation.

Spinach (Niviti) generally grows in cold and water-logged places. It also could be grown in pots as an indoor plant.