Monday, February 16, 2009

Home Remedies for Ringworm

This skin disease leaves marks on the skin. It is very irritating and sometimes the patches are moist. It is also highly contagious.

Ringworm Home Remedies #1
A paste of the Ehela (Cassia Fistula) is applied over the parts affected by ringworm.

Home Remedies #2
A paste of the roots of Aththora (Aristida Setacea) mixed with honey or a paste of the roots made with sandalwood or the seeds mixed with butter-milk is very effective.

Home Remedies #3
The juice of Aththora leaves mixed with butter-milk too can be used to cure this condition.

Ringworm Remedies #4
The mixture of the juice of Pani tora (Cassia tora) leaves with lemon juice or mixed with butter-­milk is an effective remedy.

Ringworm Remedies #5
The juice of tamarind leaves rubbed on the affected area is an easy cure.

These home remedies have been tested for hundreds of years and they have proved to be effective. All we need is to identify the herbs.

Very old men in the villages are often the best authorities on herbs and their curative value. Sri Lanka has an abundance of greenery, so why should we not make use of it.