Sunday, February 1, 2009

Herbal Remedies for Ring Worm of the Scalp

Herbal plants and their usage are so many that one cannot limit them only to the medicine chest. Herbs have been around us from the beginning of time. Egyptian hieroglyphics show their use by the Queen of Sheba and her gift of their seeds to King Solomon.

Early records show that many of the herbs we use today were in use centuries ago as medicine, as charms, and as a means to preserve and improve the taste of food. They add a whole new dimension to cooking, bringing the flavour and aroma of foreign lands into our kitchen. Part of the fascination of herbs is the link they provide between the ancient civilizations of China, Egypt, India and Sri Lanka. It is amazing to think that the herbs we pick today, may be the same as those mentioned in the year 2000 B.C.

These herbal plants can cure many of our common ailments and many of them can be found at our door step.

Ring worm of the scalp is a common disease which leaves you worried. This is noticed as round bald patches on the scalp and they spread gradually. Some men even get this disease on the face leaving bald patches on the beard. The following remedies have been tested and found very effective.

The juice of the Oleander (kaneru) leaves is applied on the affected parts of the scalp. The easiest medicine you can get from your kitchen cupboard is a mixture of powdered black pepper, onions and salt. This mixture when briskly rubbed on the bald patches of the scalp caused by Ring worms will not only check the infection but also encourage the growth of new hair.