Monday, June 22, 2009

Home Remedies for Eye Diseases

During the hot season eye diseases are common. The remedy is simple. Firstly, wash the eyes with king coconut water every morning and evening. If you have very red eyes which you find difficult to keep open and if they tear, there is a reason for it.

During the hot season, due to the intake of heaty food you get very small pimples-like blisters inside the eyes at the corner or on the eye lid, both upper and lower. For this there is a very effective and easy remedy. Take a Gallnut (Aralu), clean it and wash it. Then give a small tap to it and smash it. When the rice is boiling put the gallnut into the pot. When the rice is cooked take the gallnut and remove the seed inside. Put the rest into a fine clean piece of cloth and squeeze the juice into the eye.

Turn the eyeball and let the juice get in. Every morning and evening sore eyes must be washed with king coconut water. When the eyes become irritating and swollen it is good to ferment with delum (pomegranate) leaves and saman pichcha leaves boiled in water.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sri Lankan Home Remedies for Coughs

There are many children suffering from coughs and colds. We are used to giving them antibiotics. This helps to reduce the cough and cold but the remedy is too quick and the cause remains. As a result coughs and colds recur over and over again. Parents have no patience so they go in for more and more antibiotics or come to the conclusion that these children are allergic to some pollen or domestic animals like cats and dogs.

But let us try a home remedy. Take equal parts of Elabatu, Tibbatu, Katuwalbatu, Babila, Adathoda and Muddarappalam (Weigh in Kalandas approximately one ounce). Prepare a decoction with 8 cups of water boiled down to one cup on a slow fire. Use 1/3 of a tea cup for a dose twice a day. Take 2 1/2 Kalandas of Aratta, Adathoda, Bebila, Katuwal battu, Weltibbatu and boil in 8 cups of water down to one cup. Half a cup taken for a dose twice a day is very effective for fever with a cough.

When having a cough and cold dry ginger should not be used. It is better always to use raw ginger. Any kind of cord drink, ice cream etc., should be avoided. Plenty of Gotukola, red onions should be taken with your food. Spring onions or lunugas in salad form or plain with food is health giving food for such children. Every morning a teaspoon­ful of Gotukola juice with bee's honey is a good cure for catarrh.