Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sri Lankan Home Remedies Using Iriveriya (Plectanthus zeylanicus)

Iriveriya is another plant found in gardens. It grown successfully as an indoor plant. It is aromatic and grows easily and is used in many prescriptions for fever and diarrhea. The book Yogasatakaya gives details of how to use Iriveriya in various stages of diarrhea. For example, in long standing cases it is a mixture of Iriveriya and Kalanduru; if the diarrhea is accompanieg by loss of blood, the ingredients are Iriveriya, Kalanduru and unripe beli fruit. If there is a severe gripe then it has to be lriveriya, Kalanduru, unripe beli with kelindahall. It has to be administered together as a decoction.