Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Garlic and Sri Lanka Home Remedies

Garlic is cultivated as a spice. It contains a large quantity of medicinal properties. It is given in fevers, coughs, flatulence, disorders of the nervous system, dropsical affections, pulmonary phthisis, whoop­ing cough, gangrene of the lungs and dilated bronchi.

A decoction of garlic made with milk and water is given in small doses in hysteria and sciatica (an inflammation of the sciatic nerve at the back of the thigh). Garlic in the form of a syrup is a valuab1e remedy for Asthma, hoarseness and disorders of the chest and lungs.

It is a disinfectant. It is applied to ulcerated surfaces and wounds. A poultice of the bulb is used for ring-worm. The poultice is applied on the abdominal and public regions in cases of retention of urine due to lack of tension or muscular power of the bladder. Raw garlic juice can be inhaled during a bout of whooping cough. The oil in which garlic has been fried is a useful liniment for rheumatic pains, nervous diseases like infantile convulsions and very old wounds.

The oil extracted from the pods is given for checking chilly fits or intermittent fevers.