Sunday, November 2, 2008

Medicinal Uses of Liquorice or Walmi

The popular remedies of herbal medicine were common through­out this country for many centuries until the advancing tide of synthetic drugs. Vegetable drugs have been known over the world for ages. Thousands of herbal plants are now recognized as drug-yielding plants in Europe and America.

Walmi (Phaseolus adenanthus) or wild liquorice is a common herb. The juice of Walmi (liquorice) is given for sore throat, dry cough and urinary ailments. The juice is also a good blood purifier. A paste of the leaves made with some gingelly oil applied over swellings, rheumatism etc., brings great relief; the leaves dipped in hot mustard oil or honey are used for the same purpose; a poultice of the leaves is used for removing freckles. A paste of walmi (liquorice) leaves and the roots of Plumbagorosea or Ratnitul is a stimulant dressing when applied over leucoderma patches for one month.