Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Significant Concepts of Ayurveda

One of the most significant concepts of Ayurveda is giving first preference to maintenance of sound health and achievement of a long and useful life. Evidently the ancients also believed in the motto of prevention being better than cure. In the section on health and hygiene, the Ayurvedic Acharyas have clearly described the rules and regulations for keeping diseases away, under the following heads. This is active immunology and hygienology.

(1) Din-charya : or the daily routine

(2) Ratu-charya : or the seasonal adaptations

(3) Sad-vritta : or mental culture

(4) Attending duly to "Nature's Calls".

Din-charya is found in the Third Chapter of Astanga Sangraha. Wake up early and attend to nature's calls. Brush teeth with fresh green twigs, which are astringent, bitter and pungent in taste, like the twigs of Neem or Pilla (Tephrossla Purpurea, and Bombi Lisea Sebifera). Clean the tongue, eyes, ears, nose. Put drops of oil in both nostrils and ears (Better done at bed time). Take an oil massage and bath. Rub the oil particularly well on the hands and soles of the feet and also on the head and specially on the crown. Take regular exercise and eat lunch in a happy frame of mind. Have a light evening meal and go to bed in a comfortable cot at an early hour. This Din-charya has a scientific background and basis.

The Tridosha theory is the being and very soul of Ayurveda. All other theories and principles are built around it and based upon it. The early morning hours are what are known as the Wata-Kala. The year is divided into six seasons. The food, clothing and mode of living during these seasons are clearly shown.

The Ayurveda Acharya insists on psychic health and mental purification. Practical guidance is given for using daily life to make every human being an ideal citizen with the attributes of good behaviour and conduct.

Ayurveda also shows us how important it is to attend to nature's calls at the proper time. The timely attention to nature's calls-hunger, thirst, defaecation, sleep etc., keep disease away and maintains health. No other medical "pathy" seems to have paid any attention whatever to this aspect of physiology, thus ignoring the very base and foundation of sound health and long life.