Sunday, October 26, 2008

Home Remedies for Whooping Cough

Kapparavelliya is a plant worth mentioning. It is very much like Iriveriya and is of the same family. It is effective in catarrhal afflictions of children. A very useful prescription for whooping cough is Kapparavelliya, Kalandurua ala heerassa and red onions taken in equal quantities, pounded and its juice extracted. To this extract, an equal quantity of water is added together with sugar candy (sukiri) and brought to the boil till it becomes like a thick syrup. The dose is a teaspoonful or two as required. It has a marked effect in shortening the duration of the disease from about three months to as many weeks. If kept too long it is liable to ferment. Care should, therefore, be taken to see that it is prepared afresh every two or three days. It is also used as a medicine for treating cattle diseases.