Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Medicinal Power of Kekiri & Karavila

Medicinal Power of Kekiri:
Kekiri (Cucumis melo) is a cooling diuretic. It is nutritious and edible. It is used in painful and frequent passing of urine and retention of urine. There are many decoctions prepared with Kekiri seed. One of them is Kekiri seed, sahindalunu, cardamoms and tippili taken in equal quantities and powdered finely. It is to be taken in fermented toddy in the morning. The dosage is 2 tablespoonful of powder in a glass of toddy or fermented rice water (halpana watura) in cases where there is difficulty in passing urine or retention of urine.

Medicinal Power of Karavila (Bitter Gourd)
In the Karavila or bitter gourd family there are two varieties ­the cultivated kind and the wild growing thumba karavila. It is a wholesome vegetable usually given to convalescents. It is a domestic remedy for sores caused by urine infection. An effective remedy for weeping eczema and irritation is to first prepare a mixture of roasted karavila leaves well powdered and ground together with dried arecanut (karunka puwak) in equal quantities. Sprinkle gingelly oil over the affected parts and dust over with the powder. Karavila leaves roasted and powdered are applied on the scalp with pepper, coconut milk and sandalwood powder in cases of ring-worm on the head (undugowwakema).