Sunday, March 29, 2009

How to Treat Fever?

In treating fever there is a strict method in indigenous practice. Fasting is advised at the beginning of fever arc at the second stage canjee water should be given. At the third stage medicine is adminis­tered, and on recovery a laxative must be given. This method differs with children. Instead of fasting, children are given only a liquid diet.

The laxative at recovery is also given according to the age of the child. Canjee water or rice boiled in water is very good medicine for fever. For children of one or two months of age water in which rice is boiled could be fed at intervals. In the ancient days canjee water was drunk instead of bed-tea. In the decoction administered for fever, Margosa is a herb frequently used. If you take Margosa (Kohomba) daily or at least twice a week you will be healthy.

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