Thursday, April 8, 2010

Homemade Onion Recipes for Better Health

Onions are an incomparable aid to health.

Onion Recipes #1
Take four medium size onions, sliced. Pour one cup of hot water, leave to macerate for two or three hours. Strain and drink two or three times a day, before meals.

Onion Recipes #2
Grate one or two onions as finely as possible. Mix together with a spoonful of bee's honey, and take two to three times a day. In the West this same preparation is taken in a glass of wine.

Onion Recipes #3
There is another preparation of onions known among ancient physicians for certain complaints.

Macerate 100 grams of finely chopped onions in a litre of pure coconut arrack for 48 hours; press and strain through a fine cloth, and drink two tablespoonful in the mornings on an empty stomach, for eight or ten consecutive days preferably when the moon is on the wane or at the time of the new moon.

This recipe is effective for anaemia, exhaustion, bronchial complaints, flatulence, dropsy, urinary infections, arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes and gravel retention in urine. It lowers the blood-sugar level.