Monday, September 14, 2009

The Advantage Of Traditional Medicines

Health care in the village can still be based on the ancient methods. The primary practitioners of traditional medicine should be supported by the community.

The people still have more confidence in the practitioner of traditional medicine. In the village its importance is in the community's involvement, support and co-operation.
If we look closely we see that the sick in the villages have been helped by their neighbours. Wise men and women are generally asked by the sick for advice. Herbs have been collected and used. In this manner before the advent of modem medicine folk medicine and an indigenous health system flourished.

Even now traditional medicine has a strong hold in many countries and is accepted by the community. One has to appreciate also that folk and traditional medicine have contributed a great deal to the development of modem medicine.

The advantage of traditional medicine is that it is used according to seasonal conditions and the constitutional state of the sick.

A large part of the population of our country live in rural areas and the majority of them are poor and have no access to the health services.

Health cannot be imposed upon a person; it has to be won in partnership. Our aim should be to bring the health services and the community together to ensure health care to the largest number at a minimum cost Low cost health services should be matched with simple but effective technology.