Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Health Benefits Of Pomegranate (Delum)

Pomegranate is very often used in indigenous medicine in Sri Lanka. The rind of the fruit is dried and powdered like coffee. Two tablespoonful can be taken thrice a day for dysentery.

Pomegranate For Chronic Bowel Complaint

For any chronic bowel complaint the following medicine is very effective:

One ounce each of pomegranate rind, corriander, cummin seed, walangasal, thippili and quarter ounce of pepper and dry ginger.

Powder all ingredients together.

Two tablespoons of this powder poured like coffee in half cup of hot water. Mix one tablespoon of bee's honey and drink thrice a day. The bark of the root of the Pomegranate tree is considered a specific cure for tapeworms. It is given in decoction form: 2 ounces of the root bark is boiled in one and a half pint of water and is reduced to 3/4 pint.

Pomegranate For Bleeding Piles
Pomegranate is very effective in cases of bleeding piles. Take one cup full of the juice of the green fruit. Mix together aralu, cloves and dry ginger and powder it. Take one teaspoonful of this powder and mix it in the pomegranate juice and drink every morning.

Pomegranate For Eye Diseases
When the eyes become irritating and swollen it is good to ferment with delum (pomegranate) leaves and saman pichcha leaves boiled in water.