Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sri Lankan Herbs - Medicinal Power and Usage of Nelli

Nelli is found in plenty these days as it is the season. We see basketfuls of nelly sold cheap on the pavements. Very few people stop to buy these fruits. It is one of the most important medicines in indigenous treatment. There is hardly any disease for which it is not used, singly or in combination with other herbs. It has a specific effect on the eyes and is given to strengthen the retina or for weak or defective sight.

Soak the dried Nelly overnight and extract the juice. Take it with sugar candy to taste every morning on an empty stomach or the last thing at night. It is a good laxative for constipation. Nelly leaves boiled are very effective for skin eruptions. For eczema Nelly leaves ground and used as a plaster gives quick relief to the unbearable burning sensation. It also dries the weeping wounds.

Two tablespoonful of Nelli mixed with one tablespoonful of bee's honey taken regularly every morning helps to reduce the bleeding of piles. Nelli will also give you a good complexion. Nelli must be eaten raw. If you drink half a cup of nelli twice a week, it helps to keep bowel movements in order.

Nelli is very cooling. Therefore while nelli is eaten or drunk any other cooling food or drink should not be taken on the same day. Frequent use of nelli is not good for catarrah patients; but is very good for eczema and rheumatic patients. Also for patients suffering from hemorrhoids. Application of nelli leaves as a plaster on hemorrhoid glands helps to reduce the burning sensation.